Renovating & Construction:

Whether you are in the process of renovating, intend to in the future, or you are building a new home – landscaping your backyard/entertaining area or adding a high quality finish to your bathroom or kitchen, we can help you. Phoenix Stone have a range of natural stone products at affordable rates. If you need assistance, we can put you in touch with suitably qualified tradespeople.
Phoenix Stone along with our retail partners can assist with your stone selection. To support our retail partners, we have collectively over 80 years experience in the construction industry. To view a full list of our retail partners, please click here.

about-pool3Pool Building & Renovation:

Selecting the right product to use in your pool project is important. Whether it is a new pool or a refurbishment of an existing pool, understanding the functional and aesthetic components of the pool environment is crucial. Our range of products have been carefully selected to suit the Australian pool market.

In addition to standard pool edges/copers: bullnose, arris edge and drop down (recessed) we can also customised pool edges to larger format, shape, size and profile – creating a more integrated pool surround.  To view our range of edge profiles please click here.

Welcome to Phoenix Stone:

Phoenix Stone is a 100% Australian owned and operated importer and distributor of natural stone.
Natural stone is an ageless medium, which has been used by all civilizations throughout history. Given natural stone creates its own patina, it enhances both traditional and modern landscapes, residential spaces and commercial buildings.  In addition to our core stock, we can procure stone for specific projects and create bespoke pieces for door thresholds, water features, fireplace hearths and custom made pieces for your pool surround.

At Phoenix Stone, we understand the importance of keeping up to date with and in front of market trends. We do so by attending trade shows, international fairs, and quarries and we meet with our suppliers regularly.


Are you looking to use natural stone in an upcoming project? Whether it is a small DIY or a large commercial project we have the products to make your dreams a reality. Please find below a section of projects featuring our products.



No matter how big or small your project is, we will always have a solution. From the most detailed swimming pool to a commercial streetscape we work with our partners to make sure the end product matches the vision.
We are a wholesaler, importer & distributor, this means we buy quality products at the right price.
Imported stone is often considered to be more cost effective, it is also important to understand the supply chain to ensure the products are sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner. We vet our suppliers to ensure they adhere to guidelines, read ABOUT US for more information.
We are committed to giving you the best service via our retail partners. To find our stockists click here. If you have a particularly complex or technical question, contact us at [email protected]