Komplete Bricks and Pavers has a large range of natural stone and manmade cladding options that can be used to transform an old besser block wall into a backyard feature or can be used to dress a new timber & blue board structure that has been erected as part of a backyard make over. Cladding is a cost effective way to a create a unique and timeless façade around a garage, an entrance to a home or office or a water feature around the pool. Imagine adhering a 12mm thick honed basalt tile to a wall to give an illusion of a solid basalt wall. The options and solutions are endless.

When you have decided to clad a wall, you need to make sure you follow the relevant building codes in relation to the design of the substrate, the load that can be applied to the structure and the type of adhesive required to permanently fix the stone to the wall. Depending upon the project being undertaken, it may be required to install weight bearing lintels. It is recommend that you discuss the structural requirements of the project with a qualified trade or an engineer.