It is the first thing that greets you every day when you return home.  A well-constructed driveway laid in natural stone, clay pavers or concrete pavers simply says ‘welcome home.

Not only does a driveway welcome you home every day, it is also widely accepted that a house increases in value with a well presented driveway.  When determining the Capital Improved Value of your property, council valuers will consider land size, location, building value, plus the added value of a garage, garden, driveway and other improvements.

In addition to CIV increases, Real Estate agents insist that ‘curb appeal’ is one of the main reasons potential buyers take an interest in a home.   Curb appeal is the “hook” needed to arouse a prospective buyer’s interest in your home.  One of the most striking ways to increase curb appeal is to makeover your existing driveway.

Komplete Bricks and Pavers have a wide range of products that suit modern and traditional homes and can cater for any budget.  We can also provide you with a no obligation quote to do the work and also provide you with accurate information if you want to do the work yourself.