Each and every area in your home can now be the expression of you and your family.  Australians love the outdoors and now spend a lot of time considering how to transform their outdoor areas into their dream oasis.  Komplete Bricks & Pavers has the range of products to make these dreams a reality.A well planned outdoor area will bring years of satisfaction, serenity and balance to your home.   The design of the outdoor area should reflect you and your interests.  If you have a vision or a concept you want to bring to life, visit one of our 3 locations continue the creative process.Some considerations when thinking about landscape solutions:

  1. What is the main function of your outdoor area?
  2. Do you prefer open or enclosed spaces?
  3. Can you incorporate your house and create an indoor/outdoor area?
  4. What colours and textures do you to include in the overall design
  5. Are there any architectural features in your home you would like to continue in the outddor area?
  6. The use of hard and soft landscape products
  7. Budget