Blizzard Granite

Blizzard Granite can be produced in virtually any size and finish imaginable.  Custom sizes can be produced upon request, however we stock a wide range of core products that are available for immediate delivery.

Stocked Items

Stone Type Granite
Colour Blizzard
Finish Exfoliated (Flamed)
Description Blizzard has a white based with grey and black flecks throughout the stone. Randomly larger white quartz pieces are featured throughout the stone, this being part of its natural formation. It generally has a medium grain and is quite uniform in colour.
Stocked  Sizes 500x500x20mm



Accessories 500Bx350x30





650Rx650x80/20-30mm (Internal corner recessed coper)

Slip Rating R13
Accessory Edge Profiles

(click edge profile to view)

B = Bullnose

C = Chamfer/Arris Edge

R = Recessed Coper (Drop Down)

 Custom Made Products We are able to supply products of all dimensions and finishes.  The products listed above are stocked items.  Any made to order product will require a minimum of 6-8 weeks from the time of order.