The Phoenix Stone Précis

Phoenix Stone is 100% Australian owned importer and wholesaler of natural stone products based in Melbourne, Victoria. We have over 80 years of combined landscaping & building experience.

We are committed to sourcing quality natural stone products from Australia and around the world for use in both commercial and residential projects. We have developed a core range of products that we have constantly in stock. We have close links to our manufacturing facilities both locally and abroad meaning we can tailor a solution to meet your projects requirements.

Our core range of products includes sandstone, basalt (bluestone), granite and limestone. We also have other products such as travertine, marble and granite slabs. The colours and textures in our range have been selected to suit both traditional and contemporary designs. If our core product does not fit your requirements, we can source & tailor a solution to meet your specifications.

Our warehouse/display in Noble Park comprises of 4000m2 of undercover storage facilities where all of our stock is kept and stored out of the elements.

The Phoenix Legend

The Phoenix is a mythological bird in Greek and Egyptian history, thought to be larger than an eagle with red and gold crest and breast. Legend holds that this grand bird ends its life in flames – then rises from the ashes, fully resurrected to begin a new life.
Like the mythological bird, the natural stone products from Phoenix Stone are derived from the earth and are often brought to life by natural elements like fire, pressure and wind. They begin a new life as spectacular products seen in both commercial and residential projects.

Why Use Natural Stone

Stunning – The beauty of natural stone cannot be reproduced. The inherent beauty and rich colours makes natural stone a logical choice for any upcoming project.

Timeless – Natural Stone has been the building and landscaping product of choice for centuries. The Romans and Egyptians used natural stone to great effect. Natural stone is not a fad. No other building material can match its beauty, strength and ability to withstand the test of time.

Original – every piece of stone is original. It has been hand crafted by mother earth and has its own texture and color ensuring an original look for your project. Using natural stone for your project ensures your job is a work of art. Fossils, shells, crystal veins and tonal variation are all marks of original authenticity.
Natural -everything about the product is natural from the colour, texture, grains, slight imperfections and its origins. Its natural origins means that stone is absorbed by its environment meaning it looks great in any environment on any project.

Elegant – natural stone differentiates your project and can be accommodated in traditional and contemporary design. Once considered too expensive, natural stone should now be considered as a product of choice in all projects.

Our Products

We only supply “A quality” material. We do not pass off inferior quality products as 1st quality. We have stringent quality control measures at the point of production and at our warehouse.
We aim to deliver only quality products to your site. We source a wide range of quality natural stone products. With our manufacturing facilities we can tailor a solution to meet your project requirements.
We work with you to develop solutions that meet your specific needs. We are focused on delivering the right solution to meet your individual design requirements.

Although imported stone is often considered to be more cost effective, it is also important to understand the supply chain to ensure the products are sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner.
We vet our suppliers to ensure they adhere to the following guidelines:

• Health & safety training is provided to all staff
• No bonded labour
• Employees must be older than 16 years of age
• Health records are kept and accessible by the staff
• Annual health checks are carried out on all staff
• PPE is provided for all staff members
• Written employment contracts are adhered to including controlled working hours, overtime where applicable and higher than benchmarked wages
• Clean, safe and suitable living conditions are provided where necessary