Natural Stone pavers have become increasingly popular in recent times due to the scope of products that are available at competitive rates.  Natural Stones are available in a range of sizes and finishes that make them the ideal selection for traditional and contemporary projects.  Natural Stones are found in the earth and have been formed by natural forces over millions of years.

Why Use Natural Stone?

Stunning – The beauty of natural stone cannot be reproduced. The inherent beauty and rich colours makes natural stone a logical choice for any upcoming project.

Timeless – Natural Stone has been the building and landscaping product of choice for centuries. The Romans and Egyptians used natural stone to great effect. Natural stone is not a fad. No other building material can match its beauty, strength and ability to withstand the test of time.

Original – every piece of stone is original. It has been hand crafted by mother earth and has its own texture and colour ensuring an original look for your project. Using natural stone for your project ensures your job is a work of art. Fossils, shells, crystal veins and tonal variation are all marks of original authenticity.

Natural – everything about the product is natural from the colour, texture, grains, slight imperfections and its origins. Its natural origins means that stone is absorbed by its environment meaning it looks great in any environment on any project.

Elegant – natural stone differentiates your project and can be accommodated in traditional and contemporary design. Once considered too expensive, natural stone should now be considered as a product of choice in all projects.

Aside from its obvious beauty, durability is one of the elements that lead people to choose natural stone for home building and home improvement projects.  Komplete Bricks and Pavers display and stock a large range of natural stone pavers including Bluestone (Basalt)SandstoneGraniteLimestoneTravertine and Slate.