Understanding the pre-construction process

Landscaping, pools and other outdoor building works

  • Have an idea of what you want to achieve – look at websites and on-line forums for ideas. Television shows can also be a good starting point.
  • Start a “scrapbook” – collect a range of photographs, cut out pictures from magazines. These can show elements that you really like or a total project that you would like to emulate.
  • Have an idea of the budget you have to spend on the project.
  • Depending upon the complexity of the project involved, you may wish to employ an architect or designer to assist with the planning of the project.
  • Check with your local council to determine if you need planning and building permits.
  • Have a written contract/quote with your builder, regardless of the size and price of your project.
  • Before work starts, check with your home and contents policy insurer that you are covered for the renovations – you may need extra cover for Swimming pools and spas.
  • You must have a building permit for: a swimming pool or spa deeper than 30cm (300mm), including above-ground pools and spas.
  • Pool or spa safety barriers are required by law for pools or spas deeper than 30cm (300mm).
  • For more information about safety fences for pools and spas, visit your local council and the Victorian Building Authority website.