Aquastop – Nanoflex

Aquastop – Nanoflex  is an eco-friendly, mineral membrane for external/internal waterproofing with high levels of adhesion and durability.

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Product Aquastop – Nanoflex
Description Aquastop – Nanoflex develops a smooth, fluid mixture that can be adjusted by varying the amount of water in order to obtain optimal workability for the particular site conditions.
Bag Weight 20kg (with carry handle)
Price $114.55 + gst
Applications Floors and walls for internal and external use

Crack bridging ability.

Specifically intended for laying ceramic tiles, natural stone and glass mosaic using adhesives from the H40® range.

Suitable for overlaying.

Strengths Better coverage than two-component systems.

Nanotech technology which makes it water repellent and gives elasticity and high chemical stability.

Key Facts For every millimetre of applied product there is 1.15 kg/m2 of product required.


2mm thick x 1.15kg = 2.3kg/m2

20kg bag / 2.3kg = 8.7m2 (approx coverage)

More information The use of  Primer A Eco may be required depending upon the substrate you intend to waterproof

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